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Vagabond Camps was started in 1972 by Charlie Sadler who was (and still is) an avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur. He was moved to find a way to share his knowledge, experience, and love of the outdoors with the next generation. The idea of the first traveling summer camp was born and he spent the next year meticulously planning every detail of this epic adventure. He took a single ad out in the Wall Street Journal and quickly had all 48 spots filled for the trip of a lifetime. 

In the summer of 1972 the first Vagabond Camps caravan took off. The kids saw amazing places and hiked, learned to fly fish, went horseback riding, floated down the Snake River, and more (some stories will only be told by a Vagabond campfire). Charlie still describes this as the most fun he has ever had. And that is saying a lot for a man who has lived an adventure-full life.

Planning was all in place for another epic camp in 1973 but the oil crisis of 1973 left Charlie with no other option than to cancel the traveling camp.

gas-shortage image.jpg

Thanks to Charlie's meticulous planning and documentation of the camp and trip, his granddaughter was able to continue the legacy and recreate the historical traveling summer camp and bring it back to life in the 21st century.

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